From the Indivisible Guide, the four advocacy tactics used to pressure Members of Congress (MoCs) are town halls, local public events, district office visits, and coordinated calls. Below is brief overview of how Indivisible Oklahoma uses these tactics to pressure our seven MOC’s (two Senators and five Congressmen).

Membership: Grassroots advocacy starts with membership. Locate an Indivisible Oklahoma group in your Congressional District and join.

Town Halls: Hosted by our MOC’s or sponsored by IO.

Local Public Events: Attended by our MOC’s (Stillwater Strawberry Festival; ACA Die In) or sponsored by IO (Sanctuary Citizen Summit, Tax March)

District Office Visits: Indivisible Oklahoma and various grass roots orgs around the state visit the district office of their congressman on a regular basis. For example, one Tulsa group visits the office of Congressman Jim Bridenstine every Tuesday to protest TrumpCare. In Lawton, post its at Cole’s office…

Coordinated calls: every day, we make calls to Oklahoma MOC’s about a specific issue (saving the ACA) or legislation (TrumpCare). To maximize effect, we partner with various grass roots organizations.

Media Outreach: But for a few small radio outlets, Oklahoma is fortunate to have great journalists that care very deeply about covering events in our state. Turns out, our MOC’s care what is being said about them in the media as well. Whether criticism or praise, we utilize every opportunity to do so. Expansive membership across the state enables us to use social media platforms to our advantage.